Aistro IT Solution offers you a powerful social networking script that takes your site beyond a normal website with social-network features like user profiles, member types, activity streams, user groups, group types, and more. You could set up a community site for your university, an intranet for your company, a public/private network for your special interest groups, and many more!


Out of the box, our Social Networking script includes several components that integrate directly with your site, with each other.


Members Directory
Member Types
Pending Users
Mark as Spammer
Member Profile Image (Avatar)
Member Cover Image


Groups Directory
Group Settings and Roles
Group Types
Edit any Group in the Front End or Back End
Group Avatar
Group Cover Image

Extended Profiles

Profile Fields
Profile Field Groups
Rearrange Profile Fields and/or Groups
Extended Profiles Screen for each Member


Sitewide Activity Stream
Group Activity Stream
Member’s Activity Stream

  • Personal Activity
  • @ Mentions
  • Favorites
  • Friends
  • Groups

Moderate Activity Items
Support for Custom Post Types

Member Account Settings

General Settings
Email Notifications
Profile Visibility

Friend Connections

Pending Friendship Requests


Notification Sources
Unread Notification/s
Read Notification/s

Internal Messages

Public and Private Messages
Compose Message
Sent Messages
Starred Messages


Emails API
Customizable Emails
Email Tokens

PRICE – ₹ 60000 / $ 1000