We build on demand custom applications for businesses. These application are to manage day-to-day office operations. We works directly with businesses to identify problem areas and to automate the business processes.

Our customized database applications are designed to be web-based, which means they can be accessed using only a web browser. This allows our customers to securely work from the office, hotel room, home, or any other location with an internet connection. In addition, there are no installation discs or software updates to distribute to the workstations. Our developed custom software can be posted and maintained from one location.

What is unique about our solutions?

Design Excellence

We design our applications, solutions & services with security and privacy as the fundamental aspects; and high scalability, high availability and manageability as primary features.



In 80% of the cases, we are at zero bug bar weeks before the launch dates. This helps in saving of money, time and infrastructure.

Reduce TCO

In our proactive approach to bringing solutions to your business, we dramatically reduce the costs associated with addition of security, privacy, scalability and manageability features.

Talented People

We are a best of breed group of people contributing as management and employees of Aistro. Our people come from the best engineering schools and have diverse industry experiences.

Industry Experience

Since 2006, we are practicing and studying a lot to develop Internet Technologies and how a business can take advantages with these technologies.

Take the first step. Mail us now at ravi@aistro.com or whatsapp “Software development” on +91-7698-015-280  and describe us what type of software or application you want for your business.