So, what is a dynamic website?

In very simple terms, a dynamic website is the combination of data – driven application or web pages. Data driven means that a dynamic website require database at back-end for working. For example, a blog, an eCommerce website, a real estate portal, a news website or any kind of web portal; all are dynamic websites.


Users are able to search through the dynamic website inventory, create a user account, or pay by credit card, and so on. Most large websites are dynamic, since they are easier to maintain than static websites. This is especially helpful for large sites that contain hundreds or thousands of pages. It also makes it possible for multiple users to update the content of a website without editing the layout of the pages.


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Requirement of a dynamic website

Dynamic website is required for following main objects –

  • Selling the products or services online.
  • Interaction with the users and make offer for online services like professional services, conducting surveys, asking for rating, creating communities, etc.
  • Providing unique or different contents to individual users.
  • Making regular updates from individual or various people on website like blog, news portal, etc.


Easy to manage from back-end with Content Management System.

Easy to update regular contents without any high technical skills or coding.

Content can be personalized by the users or be presented in different ways.

Complex websites with lots of pages can be handled.

Provides services such as online-shops, paying by credit card and so forth.

More people can edit the website.



Less visible for search engines so require proper Search Engine Optimization.

Development and setting up on hosting is difficult and time consuming.

Slower than static websites.

Expensive to develop and to host.


Building a dynamic website is our specialty. We make eCommerce websites, blogs, and all kind of web portals, as well as corporate websites.

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