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  • Facebook marketing methods

    We'll learn from this Tutical - what are the methods for do Facebook marketing. […]

  • What is RSS and how to create it?

    If you want to increase the readership on your website, or you want to make it big with a podcast, you need an RSS feed. The RSS feed keeps your users up to date on all of your latest articles or episodes and can result in a massive increase in traffic. Creating an RSS feed is quick and easy, whether you’re using an RSS creation program or writing one yourself. Follow this guide to find out how. […]

  • How to create a Sitemap?

    Here, we're going to learn about proper sitemap creation. This Tutical will learn how to create or generate a sitemap, and why it is so important. […]

  • E-Mail Marketing

    Learn here what is e-mail marketing and how to do it properly. […]

  • SEO factors of web pages

    The factors that affect search engine ranking for any web page are - Link building, content development, menu positions, Image editing, article development / content writing, and Use of H1, H2, , alt, title, and target. […]

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